A picture speaks a thousand words

Stock photography and stock video has its place. Mostly PowerPoint presentations. If you truly want your brand to stand up above your competitors, bespoke photography and film can give you the leading edge. It’s vital that any imagery that represents your brand, is actually of your brand. Not just the ubiquitous Shutterstock images and video that every ‘bland brand’ uses. Our film services are highly cost effective and can be done on location. We also offer high-level animation services for our clients for idents or full commercial quality advertising.

It’s all about engagement

Have you noticed campaigns running across social media? Chances are, the only ones you have noticed are video based. People have a tendency to connect quickly to a video that speaks to them. Video that captures their imagination.

Our in-house photography and video services can create incredibly engaging campaigns and imagery. They are always at our clients disposal so check out some of our work and tell us what you need.

Photography and Video Services

  • Commercial Photography
  • Photographic Retouching
  • Creative Photography
  • Videos for Social Media
  • Corporate Explainer Videos
  • Location Film Services
  • Sound editing and Voice Overs

“Stock photography and video has its place. Mostly PowerPoint presentations.”


Recent Work

Our services are very broad. They include everything a business might need to resolve the problems of ‘getting noticed’ in a digital age. You might ask “who are NOiSE” or “What do they do” or even “How can they help?”. Here’s a one minute explainer video (if you’re in a rush).