About NOISE!

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Services: Branding, Digital, Design & Print, Marketing, Advertising, eCommerce

01. Our Process

The founders of Noise! (Matt & Paul) have been very specific about the agency’s philosophy. After many years working at the very highest level for some of the world’s largest brands, they believe that business’ need balance between logical ambition and creativity.

The Noise! ethos is to provide that balanced approach and strategy. In most companies strategy and creativity are separated or unbalanced, which is normal. On one side they have the strategic thinkers – Analytical, Logical, Linear, Numerical and Verbal. On the other side are the creative thinkers – Intuitive, Emotional, Spacial and Visual. We create solutions that bridge the left and right sides of a company, so the company can build a charismatic brand and reach more customers.

As a full service agency, we supply Marketing, Digital Marketing, Branding, Design, Photography, eCommerce, Copywriting, Advertising, Website Design, Social Media Management and many more services. All to create charismatic brands.

[Charismatic Brand – any product, service or organisation for which people believe there is no substitute]

02. How To Get Noticed

Our approach is very simple. You have a problem (you need customers, visibility, website traffic, new product development etc). We define what the successful solution to that problem looks like, and create the ‘in-between’ – or road map. We are also highly tuned to ROI. Only a solution that can create sustainable ROI can be considered in modern business.

We get you noticed online. Most customers research you online, historically on desktop PCs. The PC has declined in popularity in recent years, but this doesn’t mean it should be discounted. Many agencies will ‘sell you’ on the mobile device route…but people still find your business whilst sat in the office. Our approach is not to discount any channel. We make you easy to find by any device or touch-point, we make you look amazing once you’re found, and make your messages clear. We help you get noticed in the deafening volume of brand noise that surrounds you.

03. Mobile Solutions

There is often debate about the value of mobile solutions. We have a clear standpoint. Your core marketing messages should ALL be aligned to ALL devices. We don’t agree with building solutions for different devices, we believe you build one solution that adapts to all of them.

04. Other Features

There are so many ways you interact with your customers. So many ‘touch points’. We develop solutions and deliverable’s for every single one of these touch points. We leave no stone unturned.

Bespoke To You

As every business is different, every feature of a strategy should be bespoke to you. We give you options. Everything you may need to drive your business forward. Branding, Corporate Identity, Brand Development, Digital Consultancy, Creative Design & Print, Marketing, Digital Marketing & Traffic Driving, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, eCommerce, Digital Business Development or Website Design & Development. We have it all covered.

Measurable Results

Any investment in your brand needs measurable results. Whether that’s increased sales, increased brand value, increased brand awareness or any other objective you may have. We will help you measure these results using highly accurate analysis tools. We have all of the skills in house, and can train your team on any KPI system so you know how to keep moving forward.

05. It’s Good To Talk

We’ve helped every size of business improve their sales and brand value. From small Art Galleries to Multi National car giants. We can also help you…so why not tell us what you need?

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