You’re More Than a Logo

Client: Various
Services: Corporate ID

At the core of successful corporate identity-project, lies a complex interplay of client and agency. Only when both involved parties join forces can true excellence can be achieved.

Every corporate identity we create looks unique. We don’t have a ‘house style’ as that would involve us pushing our brand idea’s onto you. We collaborate with you. We draw out the essence of your brand and make it a physical and emotional reality. Your brand is who you are and what you say. It’s what a potential customer ‘feels’ without hearing your messages. Our corporate identity services will supply you with guidelines for every possible usage of your brand. Ensuring that whoever or however you promote your brand in the future, it still retains your brands recognisable voice.

The fundamental principles behind corporate identity are creating something visual and memorable. The unspoken principles are creating an emotional connection without saying a single word. Corporate identity guidelines will evolve and grow once the initial guidelines have been created. We ensure that they grow up in a way which makes you as an organisation proud.Brand value is the real wealth of a business so let us help you safeguard that value.



“We needed a campaign to target high-worth individuals for our hotel. The service and delivery from Noise was exceptional and delivered exactly what they promised. Rarely seen these days.”

Emily Jones Marketing Head at Marriott Resorts

“Our Head of ecommerce left so contacted noise. To say they know their stuff is an understatement. Actually pulled the position for a new recruit and now leave it to them. Brilliant team to work with.”

Jason Davies Commercial Manager at Buy Sockets

“Your work for us has been so professional and helped us grow our business a lot further. Can't thank you enough and keep up the good work.”

John Salisbury Director at Wilmslow Financial