The space between you and your customers now has more 'touch point' than ever before. We can guide you through that space and supply any tool required to connect.

Branding is first impressions. The gut instinct that someone gets when they first come across you.

Branding is an expansive and a vital part of any company. The most important part of a customer decision making process. It’s also the most valuable long term commodity for any company. We don’t just create brands, we also work for them. A lot of them. This has given us vast experience at the highest level. When we’ve done projects for large brands like BMW or Fairmont Hotels, they have supplied volumes of brand identity guidelines… for a very good reason. Every part of your brand needs to sing from the same sheet. Your identity needs to be highly honed and exact. You need your brand to deliver your message across any medium or campaign, and you need to protect and nurture the ‘gut instinct’ at every touch point.

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Client: BMW
Services: Web Design, Digital Marketing


Virtually every business needs a digital presence. Some companies see this as an add-on, others see it for the vital component it is. Our philosophy is aligned with the latter.

Most people find whatever they need on their phones, iPad’s or computers – this is the world we live in. The digital world is expansive and Frankenstein like. We help you cover every part of this monster, and succeed in spreading your brand message, as well as gaining customers and revenues. Whether it’s a ‘from-scratch’ concept to build, or an existing presence that needs more visibility or revenue, we supply the tools. Noise! has built eCommerce platforms for sweet shops, and eCommerce platforms that carry 30,000+ products in FMCG. However large or small, we can supply a bespoke solution for you.

For our clients with existing platforms, we also supply many valuable services. Digital Consultancy, Digital Marketing & Traffic Driving, Social Media Marketing and Digital Business Development to name just a few. Many companies find it difficult to get the required volume of online traffic. Others have great difficulty converting existing traffic into customers. Our skills have been developed over 15 years creating & marketing some of the most successful websites online. We can help you analyse your digital ecosystem in great detail. Supplying measurement tools to track your wins and mitigate your losses.

Marketing & Creative Design

Marketing & Creative Design are symbiotic for any brand. People look and listen. Marketing is visual and vocal.

We offer all services within the creative design and marketing area, including advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns, copy-writing, print and everything in-between. We’ve created high-end books for luxury hotels, and also hand outs for small events – they are equally important if you’re trying to deliver a memorable message. Our approach is always the same. Can we get the receiver to experience the ‘gut instinct’ our client requires. Whatever message you need to get across, we can create a campaign and deliver this message so it sticks. All whilst spreading your brand and increasing brand allegiance.