On my radio, on my radio, on my radio…

Client: Jorvik Radio

Brief: Jorvik Radio was one of the fastest growing FM stations in 2020. Broadcasting on FM around the North Yorkshire area, as well as online and on smart speakers to 27 other countries, they wanted to go one step further.

Let’s turn up the volume!

Jorvik engaged NOiSE in Q4 2020 to audit their entire brand and improve every customer facing element. An expansive brief. Reach more listeners. Have a better brand perception. Have a clearer rationale that connects to its audience. Have better digital growth across the world. Make Jorvik a station that people tune into, but never out of.

NOiSE took on the challenge.

“Good marketing makes a company look smart. Great marketing makes a customer feel smart.”

The NOiSE! Staff Handbook

Let’s add a dollop of branding!

For any organisation, the brand is usually its most valuable asset. It’s everything that faces the customer and bears your name. All great brands have highly detailed guidelines on how the brand should look and feel to the outside world.

The greatest brands even include ‘The Voice’. The Voice is the personality of the brand and is written into its guidelines. It’s how the brand speaks to the world. What it says and more importantly, how it says it.

The brand speaks volumes!

NOiSE created a highly detailed set of brand identity guidelines for Jorvik Radio – including examples of how to get the maximum out of them in editorial, digital and communications environments.

We also wrote a detailed document on ‘The Voice’.


Brand Opportunities…

NOiSE did extensive research on the radio sector. What’s good, what’s bad? Who is successful, who isn’t and why? Are there any gaps in the market?

We could analyse this data all day long, but the truth is the defining factors that make you tune into a radio station are as follows:

  • Do you like the music?
  • Do you like the shows?
  • Is it engaging?
  • Do you differentiate the station from those around?
  • Does the station make you feel like it’s made for you?

Creative thinking is where brands are born

To align the above with the plan for the brand. NOiSE researched the Jorvik listeners. Particularly the ones that were joining recently and stayed tuned in.

Using the data from our research gave us a highly focussed view of the listener demographic. We knew the majority were between 35-45 years old. We knew which shows they liked, and which they didn’t. This gave us an abundance of insights. It also allowed us to start profiling the station voice.


Brand Personality (AKA The Voice)

Our ‘voice’ needed to be older than 30 and a positive, up-beat kind of person. Not ‘too cocky’ but funny and very likable. Someone with a Yorkshire accent. We knew the station needed to play on the fact that it is based in Yorkshire. Make this a plus point. A point to remember.

The Voice needed to be a person you happily share a car journey with. Someone to have a cup of tea with when you’re making breakfast. Someone who also has really good taste in music.

NOiSE defined all of the characteristics within the brand guidelines. Enabling copyrighters, editorial writers and ad writers to speak from the heart of the station.


Long term audience retention

We now had the new branding as well as the station personality. The next thing was the music – especially daytime. Everyone thinks they can guess what people like (musically speaking), but in reality – what you like somebody else probably won’t.

NOiSE engaged a socio-psychologist who specialises in memory. Specifically in music memory. We knew our demographic were between the ages of 35-45 (primarily) so the report used this as the base age.

We presented the report to the board of directors at Jorvik, and nobody in the room knew when their musical taste actually started. Turns out that we develop very distinct fondness for music at the age of 14.5.

To test this, work out which month/year you were 14.5 years old, and type UK Chart from XXX month 19xx. You will probably know every song in the top 40.


Let the music play!

To retain the out target demographic audience, we need to ensure they are listening to music that stimulates their nostalgia. Music they grew up with.

NOiSE worked out an algorithm to dictate how many songs per historic year were needed in the weekly playlist. We then asked the station to recruit a panel that would vote for songs, year by year, until the required amount of tunes was met. Once we’d sorted this out we moved on.


The sound of Jorvik..

Every radio station has it’s jingles – or station imagery if you prefer to use the posh term. We had defined the station voice so proceeded to find a suitable voice actor, and started writing the scripts (using the station personality document).

Once we had the right actor for the job, we recorded the voice over scripts and created the music and station imagery.


Let’s make some NOiSE!

To promote the changes that the station had undergone, NOiSE created a social media campaign, and carefully created the broadcast audience who would see it to match the stations demographic.

The video was launched on social media a week prior to the launch and resulted in a 540% increase in listeners on the launch day. NOiSE fully expect audience retention.


Let’s not forget the studio!

NOiSE were also asked to advise on the refurbishment of the station studios. We applied the branding that we had created and supplied mock-up images of studios and various rooms


From our brief of ‘auditing the entire brand to improve every customer facing element’, we supplied Jorvik Radio with cohesive tools that not only improved the station. They increased the listeners by over 200%. The improvements increased all elements for the customer touch-points and also saw a large increase in social media engagement and advertising revenues. NOiSE were very proud to deliver such a successful brand overhaul to such a fabulous FM Radio Station.