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We are NOiSE! A York marketing company, that helps York companies market to York, the surrounding area, as well as national and international audiences. We deal with global brands, but as we are based in York, it’s something of a speciality we pride ourselves on.

Although York only has a population of 210,000, local businesses can benefit from the additional 3,500,000 tourists that visit the City per year. In financial terms, this is an additional £350,000,000 spend in the City every year.

As a York company, we understand York and its business diversity and opportunity. Below are a few statistics from our research that give a better insight into the opportunities within York from tourism.

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Apart from the static tourist attractions such as York Minster, The National Railway Museum, The Shambles, Jorvik Viking Centre, The Barbican, Opera House and Theatre Royal, The Castle Museum etc. York has many festivals and events that draw huge numbers of tourists. A few notable ones being:

Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre, York River Art Market, Outdoor theatre, The Great Yorkshire Fringe, Van Gogh Experience, Mickelgate Run Soapbox Challenge, York food and drink festival, Aesthetica film festival, York Christmas Festival, York Ice Trail, York restaurant week, York Races and the Balloon Fiesta.

This tourism presents many opportunities for York companies to broadcast their messages and offerings to a far greater audience throughout the year if targeted correctly.

“In any one month, there are between 200,000 and 500,000 tourists visiting York”


Tourism In York


There are huge opportunities for businesses in York to market themselves to visitors. In any one month, there are between 200,000 and 500,000 tourists visiting York, with a tourist spend of £8,500,000 per month on hotel stays alone (over £100m per year).

In real terms this means that tourists outnumber the local York population by 3/1. All businesses in York have the opportunity to tap into the £350,000,000 revenue that is generated in York through tourism every year. Take a look at our services to see how NOiSE! can help your business market to this audience.


Infographic on York Tourism

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“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy, and help them to do so.”


As a York based company, we understand that there are a huge number of opportunities for any business that wants to market themselves to York and its tourist population. Here’s a quick video outlining some of the possibilities (just in case you’re in a hurry).